Waterjet cutting 12x3m 4x cuttinghead

Thure Snijtechniek B.V. uses 2 water cutting machines. The largest has a cutting range of 12x3 meters and is equipped with four cutting heads. Our 2nd machine has a cutting range of 3x3 meters and has six cutting heads with these machines we are unique in Europe.

Laser cutting 3x1.5m 24/7

Thure Snijtechniek B.V. uses a 4 kW CO2 laser cutting machine with a cutting range of 3x1.5 meters with full automation for 24/7 unattended at production.

HD Plasma cutting 12x3m 2,5D

Thure Snijtechniek B.V. uses a high-definition plasma cutting machine with a cutting range of 12x3 meters equipped with a 2.5D cuttinghead so in one motion we can make a bevel.


With our heavy machining center we perfectly are able to perform fast and accurate heavy verspanede operations. Consider including the drilling holes, adding bevel and making specific thickness of cut sheets.


Bending is also an option at Thure Snijtechniek B.V.

Breaking edges

The sharp edges can be broken by us by means of sanding or drumming. Inform about the possibilities without obligation of Thure Snijtechniek B.V.



Thure Snijtechniek B.V. a young and dynamic company where besides quality and service reliability is paramount. Because we are one of the few companies perform many disciplines in-house, we are well able to perform all possible orders for you. So we have two waterjet cutting machines,

a HD plasma cutting machine, a laser cutting machine and a milling machine.For non-existent disciplines we have very good prospects in our relationship circle. Overall a very wide range of possibilities. Supported by the various certifications we deliver to every customer a suitable solution.

Thure Snijtechniek B.V. has a reputation regarding rush orders. It is not unknown to us to receive an order and have it delivered to the client within hours. The flat structure of the organization and digital processing of orders through the entire production process, we can respond quickly to customer needs.