• ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • EN 1090
  • Herwaarmerken


Thure Snijtechniek B.V. uses a 4 kW CO2 laser cutting machine with a cutting range of 3x1.5 meters with full automation for 24/7 unattended at production. The machine is only suitable for cutting of flat sheets. Tubes and profiles we can cut excellently on our waterjet cutting machines.


  • Burr-free so no/little post-processing
  • The cut is of consistently high quality
  • Low heat affected zone
  • Almost no distortion
  • Small cutting width
  • Very compact cutting plans possible thus saving material costs
  • Complex shapes without distortion
  • High cutting speed and very high production speed by use of the shuttle table with loading unit


  • Steel t/m 20 mm thick
  • Stainless steel t/m 15 mm thick
  • Aluminium t/m 5 mm dik
  • For steel and stainless we choose larger thicknesses and aluminum or waterjet cutting or plasma cutting