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Thure Snijtechniek B.V. started in 2011 by Mark Ruiter. In March 2006 he started working in PWS Industrial Cutting Services as a planner. In 2006 this was cutting department within PWS from two water cutting machines with limited production. In subsequent years, production has sharply risen and there are other disciplines such as high-definition plasma cutting and laser cutting have been added

End of 2011, the acquired activities of PWS Industrial Cutting Services and the firm Thure Snijtechniek BV started. Within a short time we were able to achieve a number of investments such as the purchase of a new water cutter (12000x3000) and a heavy vertical machining. There have recently been a new plasma cutting machine with rotating cutter head and bought a new laser cutting machine including automation.


Thure Snijtechniek will not only sell kg 's but deliver a service, hence what we choose to deliver the most complete product before. Our investments are tuned for this.